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Down Syndrome Awareness Month!

Date: September 29, 2021 Categories: General

Join us in celebrating the abilities of individuals with Down Syndrome this month and always! Take a peak at our exciting campaigns this month to spread awareness about Down Syndrome!


October 4th: “21 Facts about Down Syndrome” Social Media posts

  • Please share these posts to spread awareness about Down Syndrome!

October 14th: Exclusive Mychal’s Down Syndrome Awareness Sweatshirts for sale!

  • These sweatshirts will be on sale from October 14th until the end of the month!

October 22nd: “Random Acts of Kindness” Social Media post

  • Please share this to encourage acceptance, generosity, and kindness!

October 28th: $21 Donation 

  • Individuals with Down Syndrome have a triplication of chromosome 21. Number 21 has become significant in representing their extra genetic gift.
  • All donations with go directly towards supporting Mychal’s Learning Place programs and services.


Continue checking our social media profiles for more throughout the month!


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Mychal’s Bakery: @mychalsbakery

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