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Meet Clete: Finding Employment at Mychal’s Print & Embroidery!

Date: July 5, 2023 Categories: General

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Meet Clete

Clete is a kind, friendly, and smart individual. Some of his favorite things to do include hiking, reading, sculpting and painting.  He has sold several of his paintings at Mychal’s Art Shows over the years.  He likes to go to museums and the zoo with friends.  He has an HO gauge electric train set and enjoys attending train shows. Clete also loves his family, he has many relatives that live close by and enjoys spending time with them whenever possible.

Growing at Mychal’s

About 18 years ago, Clete started bowling with Mychal’s Learning Place when he was just 10 years old.  Later, he began attending the Afterschool Program in Culver City. Then, Clete started with the MILE program where he learned additional independent living skills on the weekend. He has played on Mychal’s basketball and softball teams. Now, Clete is part of our Path to Independence Adult Day Program. During the pandemic, he enjoyed Zoom cooking classes and has continued to prepare dinner for his family every week since that began. 


Finding Passion & Employment

Not only has Clete grown physically during his time at Mychal’s, he has continued to acquire & learn many new skills. He has found confidence in his capabilities and improved his ability to focus on each task. Clete enjoys working and likes to be helpful.  He has gained valuable job experiences from Mychal’s vocational opportunities.  He had training at the animal shelter, thrift store VTOS, Common Space brewery, WSS, and Mychal’s Bakery. These opportunities were great, but when he started training at Mychal’s Print and Embroidery, he knew he found his dream job. Clete is overjoyed to officially be an employee and recently received his first paycheck! He looks forward to being part of the team for many years to come and help the business grow! We are so grateful to have you as part of the Mychal’s family – keep up the amazing work Clete!



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