Mychal’s Story

Mychal is my daughter. She is also my inspiration.

Two years after she was born, it became apparent that she was developmentally and physically disabled. Although doctors gave her only two years to live, Mychal’s spirit was amazing. She lived five and a half more years until her death in 1996. During that time, Mychal never lost her sense of humor or the love in her heart. She taught me so much about life and the importance of today and, sadly, about the lack of resources, programs and services available to parents of children with developmental disabilities.

Who Is Mychal - Mychal's Learning Place

As a result, I have dedicated my life to creating programs that enable our youth with developmental disabilities to live independent, fulfilled and productive lives.

Mychal's Learning PlaceI’m grateful for the opportunity not only to honor the memory of my beloved daughter, but to also help countless families find peace of mind and greater purpose in life. By opening Mychal’s Learning Place our hopes are to provide children with developmental disabilities with an environment that is safe and loving, that encourages independence and builds self-esteem, that believes children should be seen and heard, and that we should challenge our children to succeed.

Ed Lynch, Executive Director / Founder