Social Enterprises

Adults With Disabilities Face An 85% Unemployment Rate.

Studies show that the unemployment rate for those with developmental disabilities is a shocking 85%. That’s why Mychal’s Learning Place began launching our own social enterprises where young adults have the opportunity to overcome learning barriers and acquire job skills that empower them to succeed.

Mychal's Print & Embroidery

Mychal’s Print & Embroidery is a digital print operation located in Redondo Beach, CA that produces custom-printed garments like t-shirts, tote bags, mugs, and more. Perfect for companies, groups, and special events, this social enterprise will continue to provide crucial employment opportunities for young people with developmental disabilities. Products & services include embroidery, direct-to garment printing, direct-to-film printing, custom patches, custom design, and more. **In-store visits are by appointment only. 

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Mychals Bakery & Coffee

Mychal’s Bakery & Coffee provides baked goods and coffee services for local businesses, community events, and private catering. All of our bakers and baristas are young adults with developmental or intellectual disabilities using this opportunity to demonstrate that they are talented and able contributors to our community. Mychal’s Bakery & Coffee and Mychal’s Food Truck are based out of Mychal’s Learning Place in Hawthorne. Products & services include fresh baked goods, catering and food truck, pop-up barista service and special events.

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Mychal's Cafe by Mychal's Bakery & Coffee

Thanks to the generosity of Sodexo cafeterias and Torrance Memorial Medical Center, Mychal’s Bakery & Coffee has been given the opportunity to open up our first Café by Mychal’s Bakery & Coffee located in Torrance, CA. Hours are Monday-Friday 8:30am-2pm.

Mychal’s Café

Mychal’s Café is a natural social enterprise expansion based on the success of The Café by Mychal’s Bakery & Coffee at Torrance Memorial Medical Center as well as the success of our catering business through Mychal’s Bakery & Coffee.  Created as another opportunity for on-the-job training, Mychal’s Café promises your delicious morning coffee as well as fresh and local breakfast and lunch options created by the incredible and inspiring participants of Mychal’s Learning Place.

Opening Soon!