Path to Independence

Developing Meaningful Independence

Our Path To Independence (P2I) adult day program supports young adults (ages 18-30) as they develop the skills necessary for living a more independent life. That starts with daily living skills, eventually incorporates on-the-job vocational training, and potentially includes facilitating employment opportunities.

From the minute each participant joins Mychal’s family, we encourage and support them on their Path to Independence! We work with each adult (participant) and their support team (parents, guardians, service coordinators, counselors, etc.) to ensure that there is a firm foundation of support to build upon. We believe in a team effort to accomplish goals and dreams!

P2I Food Truck
P2I Grocery Shopping

Our Curriculum

  • Health and Fitness (Daily Exercise Routines, Dressing/Grooming, Personal Hygiene)
  • Life Skills (Menu Planning, Grocery Shopping, Laundry, Household Maintenance)
  • Social Skills (Personal Space, Self-Advocacy)
  • Fine Motor Skills and Cognitive Flexibility (Arts and Crafts, Gardening)
  • Nutrition and Cooking (Food Groups, Portion Control, Preparing New Dishes, Kitchen Safety)
  • Vocational Skills (Phone/Email, Resume Building, Job-Specific Skills)

Corporate Partners

  • Chevron
  • Residence Inn
  • Kinecta Federal Credit Union
  • South Bay Ford
  • Centinela Feed
  • Modernica
  • El Segundo Museum of Art
  • And our own social enterprises Mychal’s Print & Embroidery, Mychal’s Bakery & Coffee, and The Café at Torrance Memorial Specialty Center.

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Program Partners

South Bay Ford