Angel Award 2023!

April 20, 2023

Suzanne Sharer & Bob McDaniel

This year we are incredibly grateful for this opportunity to present Suzanne Sharer & Bob McDaniel with the Angel Award for their continuous generosity and dedication to Mychal’s Learning Place.

Since meeting Ed in 2019 Suzanne felt an immediate pull to Mychal’s Learning Place, knowing that her niece Jessica, who currently lives in Maryland, would thrive in a place like Mychal’s.  Suzanne’s connection to the students of Mychal’s Learning Place, seeing their acceptance, and desire for living a more independent life, she immediately knew she could use her nearly 3 decades of fundraising experience to do something special for Mychal’s.

Already a very active member of the South Bay community, during 2020 Suzanne quickly rallied many of her friends to help support Mychal’s with our fundraising efforts after the onset of COVID sidelined our initial fundraising event plans. From silent auction items to live auction items, food options to sponsorships and tickets, Suzanne’s support goes on and on. Suzanne has left an indelible mark on helping Mychal’s Learning Place’s fundraising efforts reach new heights. And did we mention she does it all with a smile on her face and expecting nothing in return from Mychal’s?  We think donor and friend, Tony Drockton said it best, “The ultimate philanthropist, Suzanne has done all of this while inspiring those around her to do more to make our community a better place.”

With Suzanne’s fundraising prowess and Bob’s entrepreneurial guidance on our Expansion & Advisory Committee, Mychal’s has been able to grow our programs and expand our social enterprises considerably over the last couple of years thanks to their support.  It’s no coincidence that in the last few years that Suzanne has been helping us, we’ve seen a new building for Mychal’s Print & Embroidery, and are on the verge of expanding Mychal’s Bakery & Coffee with our first restaurant location. For these and so many other reasons we didn’t have space to list, we are so happy to present the 2023 Angel Award to Suzanne Sharer & Bob McDaniel!

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