Angel Award 2024!

April 17, 2024

Carol Hartnell


This year we are incredibly grateful for the opportunity to present Carol Hartnell with the Angel Award for her continuous generosity and dedication to Mychal’s Learning Place.

Carol Hartnell has been a good friend of Mychal’s Learning Place for many years as a sponsor for our Luncheon and every year of the California Great Santa Stroll. Even though she now resides in Las Vegas with her husband, she grew up in the San Gabriel Valley and the greater Los Angeles area and partnering with Mychal’s Learning Place brings her back to her Southern California roots. She writes as C.A. Hartnell and is an award-winning author of four Children’s chapter books about her exciting, adventurous childhood in El Monte, California, during the 1950s! She is currently writing a 5th chapter book for kids. Even though writing is a passion, Carol feels like her greatest accomplishments in life are her faith, helping individuals with disabilities, and her fabulous family! She’s the mother of four wonderful children, twelve grandchildren, and many great grandchildren.

With Carol’s generosity & support, Mychal’s has been able to expand our social enterprises greatly over the past few years! Carol has a huge heart and deeply cares for our community, she supports many like minded organizations and makes a big impact in the lives of others. Both she and her husband played an integral role in securing the building for Mychal’s Print & Embroidery, and now again for the Mychal’s Café building. This has allowed us to start our businesses and raise money through our capital campaigns to pay them off – the growth of both social enterprises truly would not be possible without their helping hand. Thank you Carol for always being there to support Mychal’s and for providing more opportunities for our participants, we are absolutely thrilled to present you with the 2024 Angel Award!