Congrats to our Graduates!

July 1, 2024

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Isaac is a very artistic and social butterfly who has thrived at Mychal’s since 2016. Isaac has many interests like video games/movies. Especially “Five Nights at Freddy’s,” which feeds into his love for all things horror. In addition to entertainment, he enjoys theme parks/thrill rides. He loves unwinding and putting his creativity into art whether it be drawing or painting. His interests often inspire his artwork.

Since being at Mychal’s Isaac has really come into his own person and gained independence. Mychal’s has given him the confidence to do many things on his own. It has also allowed him to explore and dive deeper into his creative/artistic side. Events like Mychal’s Art Show give Isaac the confidence to continue expressing himself through art.

Isaac recently graduated and is adjusting to the Adult Program, he’s doing great and appreciates the support from staff. He has many future goals that he loves to share with family members. He is comfortable at home and enjoys being surrounded by family, so he plans to stay living with them as long as possible. Isaac deeply appreciates the cinema and hopes to work at the movie theaters one day. His biggest dream of all is to be able to travel, especially to Japan and London. Isaac’s mother, Ana says, “As we continue this amazing journey into adulthood, we are grateful to have Mychal’s Learning Place as Isaac’s second home.”

We are so proud of you, Isaac! We hope that you always stay true to your passions and strive to achieve all of your dreams!


Cassandra is a kind, outgoing, and friendly individual. She always offers to help out wherever she can and is friendly to everyone she meets. In her free time, Cassandra enjoys dancing, painting, cooking, and playing the piano. She loves cooking mac & cheese and being in the kitchen working on her culinary skills.

During her time in the After School Program, Cassandra learned so much! She feels like she developed more mental and physical awareness of the things that she’s interested in and comfortable doing. Cassandra also said, “I’m now more accepting of myself and more confident in my capabilities.” Cassandra had the opportunity to work on her baking & cooking skills in the Bakery and has received Print Shop experience cleaning the embroidery machines & working on DTG printing. She loved having the chance to explore both social enterprises! Staff say, “Cassandra is always offering help, making new students feel welcomes, and has really grown into a leader. We are proud that she has recently been exploring her creativity more by participating in the Art Show & Musicals.”

Cassandra graduated from high school in June and is extremely excited to start the next chapter of her life by going to college at the LA Trade Tech for Culinary Arts or El Camino for pre-nursing. She has a passion for cooking and animals and hopes to one day start her own restaurant business or become a veterinarian. Cassandra has officially started training at Mychal’s Café and it has been great watching her thrive in this new environment! We are thrilled for Cassandra and proud of her accomplishments – we know she has an incredibly bright future! Keep up the amazing work!

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Dante is a kind and friendly person. He loves the arts, especially drawing, dancing, movies, and music. Dante has taught himself how to play the keyboard by listening to a melody and then learning it. He is actively playing his piano now and teaching himself how to play the guitar as well! Dante enjoys fencing at Mychal’s and with Special Olympics. Dante’s communication is amazing, he is very polite and respectful to others. He has learned that we are not all the same but unique. He will say, “I’m different and not less.”

Dante attended our After-School Program and will be transitioning into the Adult Program in August. During his time at Mychal’s, he has built social skills, felt accepted, and focused on life skills. Dante is a people person who likes to surround himself with peers and always has a positive attitude. He flourishes in a learning environment and is up for any challenge.

Dante loves feeling grown-up and learning independence. He has developed cleaning skills in the program and takes action to clean at home. In addition, he enjoys preparing meals and, with supervision, will cook at home.

Dante wants to attend college and aspires to be a veterinarian in the future. He looks forward to learning vocational skills and having job training opportunities. In addition, Dante will continue his hobbies with art, music, and dancing! He is currently excited about his summer family trips to Palm Springs and Texas. He stays active working out with his siblings and loves watching movies!