Meet Alex!

January 3, 2024


Get to Know Alex

Alex is a very kind soul with a great sense of humor. He can be introverted and shy, but will always lend a helping hand! Alex has a true passion for all things art, he loves drawing, working with clay, creating animation, making origami, and using procreate & garage band. A lot of his inspriation comes from animals, books, and computer games. Alex also enjoys traveling, cooking, visiting malls, singing, ice skaing, and playing tiny zoo. One of his favorite things to do is visit Disneyland, he loved meeting Belle! Alex often surprises his family and friends with his knowledge. For example, he loves learning other languages and his knowledge on animals will blow you away – just ask him to say an animal in a different language!

Growing into Himself

Now being part of the After School Program for over a year and a half, Alex has really started to grow into himself. He’s starting to use his expressive language skills more than ever and developed assertiveness in his desires. Also, Alex’s art has become more diverse because of the environment & new opportunities. He has developed greater social skills and nice friendships with other participants at Mychal’s. His mom shared, “Alex has grown so much over his time at Mychal’s that it has impacted his speech, friendships, and life. Alex has experienced such a warm welcome from the staff and students at Mychal’s and he has felt such kindness and acceptance through his time there.”

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Future Goals

Alex has expressed interest in attending  art school in the future! He would also love to make a Youtube channel where he could share all his knowledge on animals and other information or exciting adventures! We are incredibly proud of you, Alex! We hope that you continue to follow your passions and shoot for the stars!