​​Meet Danny!

August 4, 2021

Finding Happiness in a Program

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Danny’s Start at Mychal’s

Danny joined Mychal’s Learning Place Path to Independence program in December 2017.  He moved here in 2015 from Alexandria, Virginia. While there, Danny enjoyed ice skating and horseback riding. He stays in touch by phone with family, friends, teachers, and therapists who helped him back in Virginia.

His parents describe him as a “gentle and sweet soul” who appreciates all genres of music.  He loves to find new songs for the whole family on YouTube.  He enjoys going to restaurants and loves to travel. Danny walks 2 to 4 miles a day.

Chef Danny in the Kitchen

Once a week, in the Path to Independence Program, students prepare a recipe selected by staff.  Danny has taken a keen interest in the entire cooking process, ensuring that all the ingredients needed for the day’s recipe have been purchased at the grocery store.  Danny’s Aunt Kim sent him a chef hat that he wears while cooking along with the apron he got from Mychal’s. His favorite day of the week is the day he gets to cook, “my favorite recipe was the one for brownies,” says Danny enthusiastically.  However, he has enjoyed preparing all of the recipes at home during the pandemic.

Danny’s parents report “how happy he is to be at a program that understands and accepts him while teaching independent living skills.”  They have seen a positive influence since starting at Mychal’s, especially with Danny’s increased independence and enthusiasm. He loves to attend Mychal’s!

A Bright Future

VITAS Healthcare, a national provider of hospice care, partners with Mychal’s for vocational training.  Danny excels at assembling the care packages for their clients and is delighted to wear business casual clothing when working at VITAS. He looks forward to continuing this training!

Danny is excited to return to Mychal’s in-person to see his fellow students and the talented, supportive, caring staff there.  He can’t wait to cook on site and try out new, interesting recipes.


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