Meet Dante!

March 30, 2022


All About Dante

Dante is a kind and friendly person. He loves arts, especially drawing, dancing, movies, and music. Dante has self-taught himself playing the keyboard by listening to a melody and then learning it. He has also learned fencing through Mychal’s and Special Olympics. Dante has thrived in learning this sport and has proudly represented Mychal’s.

Dante’s parents have taught him to communicate and be polite and respectful to others. He has learned that we are not the same but unique. He will say, “I’m different and not less.”

The After-School Program

For the last five years, Dante has been attending Mychal’s Learning Place in the After-School Program. The program provides him a nurturing place to build his social skills, feel accepted, and focus on life skills. Dante is a people person who enjoys being around other students his age and always has a positive attitude. He flourishes in a learning environment and is up for any challenge.

Dante loves feeling grown-up and learning independence. He has developed cleaning skills in the program and takes action to clean at home. In addition, he has enjoyed preparing meals and, with supervision, will cook at home.

The Future

Dante wants to attend college and aspires to be a veterinarian in the future. He looks forward to learning vocational skills to supplement his job skills training at his transition site. In addition, Dante will continue his hobbies with art, music, and dancing!