Meet Haronie!

February 1, 2024

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All About Haronie

Haronie is a sweet, quiet, and calm individual who is always willing to learn new things. He always checks-in with staff members and really cares about his friends & family.  In his free time, Haronie enjoys helping his Mom around the house and walking with her in residential areas. They often go to the local park, and around lakes with beautiful nature scenery where he loves to see swans, ducks, ducklings, all kinds of birds, geese, squirrels. Haronie also like to watch Youtube including movie clips, sports games, and Vietnamese music videos. His absolute favorite thing to do is research and play games on his iPad.

Learning New Things

In 2019, Haronie joined our Path to Independence Adult Day Program and has been learning new things every day. He has gained a lot of exposure and independent skills in doing things such as taking public transportation, grocery store shopping, visiting museums, learning about nutrition, cleaning, and cooking. He really enjoys getting to know the other participants and has made new friends. Over the years, Haronie has really come out of his shell and has developed the skills to express himself and speak up when he has questions or needs help while also being more conversational with others.

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Shooting for the Stars

Haronie has been participating in vocational training at Mychal’s Print & Embroidery and has really enjoyed his time there learning how to work the machines & helping with orders. He works independently at the Print Shop and has been such a great addition to the team, it has been so awesome to see him shine while learning new things and working on different tasks. Jose, Print Shop Manager, says “We have had Haronie for about a year now and he can fully operate both sides of the business (embroidery & printing). Haronie has full knowledge on how to operate the machines and does not need much assistance. Haronie is quiet, but how he behaves and works speaks for itself. Every Thursday and Friday that Haronie comes in for job training and it’s time for him to head out, he doesn’t walk away from the machines until the job is completed.”

Haronie’s family hopes that he gains employment in the future and continues to develop skills that will allow him to live independently. We hope to have  Haronie continue to job train at the Print Shop and see what possibilities he could have there in the future! Keep up the amazing work Haronie, we are so proud!