Meet James!

March 11, 2021

Meet James : Keeping The Print Shop RunningKeeping The Print Shop Running

James came to our Adult program in February of 2018. If asked to describe James many would say he is a polite, soft spoken, and kind young man. He is very respectful of others and loves to joke around with “the guys”. James absolutely loves basketball, every morning during our Path to Independence meetings you can catch him talking about the Lakers & Cavaliers, especially his all-time favorite player, Lebron James (as you can see from the shirt).

Developing Skills For An Independent Life

Within a few months of participating in our Path to Independence program we discovered that James was able to tend to many independent living skills on his own. James’ truly amazing mother Annie believes in preparing her son for the future which aligns with what we do here at Mychal’s. With additional support and encouragement from parents that mirrors our program objectives incredible development and independence can be created! With Annie’s permission we quickly switched our focus to employment for James after realizing he could do many independent life skills on his own. James participated in job training at some of our various employment partnerships including Murad, Warehouse Shoe Sale, South Bay Ford, and many others.

Finding His Passion

James truly found his niche when he entered the Mychal’s Print Shop. One of the goals of our adult program is not just to find our adult participants a job, it is finding them a suitable job that they truly enjoy and take pride in. This opportunity at Mychal’s Print Shop has been exactly that for James. Jose, our Print Shop Manager, would probably not mention this, but James loves working with him. More so because James feels respected, heard, and valued. At Mychal’s we do not define our adults by their limitations but rather their strengths. From there we focus on areas for growth and where we can support. The bond that has been built between Jose & James is truly unique.

Side by side with his job training, if there’s one other area where James has truly flourished, it has been his self esteem. It’s an absolute pleasure to see James go from a very timid student to a confident young man who takes initiative and pride in what he does.

Creating Opportunities for Independence

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