Meet Keyon!

April 3, 2024

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Meet Keyon

Keyon is a selfless, warm hearted, friendly and calm soul who loves to be around people.  He will be the first person to offer his help and to assist others in need.  He makes sure no one is left out.  He cannot bear to see anyone get upset and will not rest until he has made them feel better. Keyon is caring, positive, and never fails to put a smile on the faces around him. Keyon truly loves and enjoys every moment of life!

At the Mychal’s Art Show 2 years ago, Keyon managed to sell almost all of his artwork! He is a very talented artist who likes to draw using pencil, paint, or markers.  Keyon is also super active! He is involved in numerous sports including swimming with Special Olympics.  He goes bike riding on the beach, plays ping pong as much as he can, and loves baseball, skiing, basketball and soccer.  He will never miss an opportunity to dance and will even stop in the department store to move to an upbeat tune. He also does yoga sessions at least twice a week!

In addition, he enjoys working on 500-1000 piece puzzles and has an exceptional eye for visual perception.  He can beat anyone at a Memory Game! He also has great writing skills and impeccable handwriting.  He loves to listen and sing to music while working and is a huge fan of classical composers such as Mozart, Beethoven and Vivaldi (especially The Four Seasons).

Growing Confidence & Communication

Keyon joined Mychal’s After School Program during high school and loved all the staff he worked with. After high school, he participated in the Mychal’s Mile program on Saturdays where he continued to work on independent skills. About a year and a half ago, he started the Path to Independence Program where he continues to excel!

During his years at Mychal’s he has matured into an independent and confident young man who is not afraid to speak up and be his own advocate.  He has become more interactive with his peers and his mentors and uses more language to communicate.  Keyon’s vocational training at Mychal’s Print & Embroidery once a week has allowed for a different experience and given him confidence that he can succeed at new things. Keyon’s parents explained, “We are grateful to the exemplary staff at Mychal’s who have been guiding him through his journey into adulthood.”

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Full Life filled with Love

Keyon’s dream for the future is to spend as much time as possible with loved ones and to continue doing what makes him the most happy: living life to its fullest and helping as many people as he can! We hope to see Keyon continue to thrive in our program and training at Mychal’s Print & Embroidery – we know he is capable of anything he sets out to do! Keep spreading your kindness Keyon, we are lucky to have you!