Meet Caelyn!

June 3, 2021

Caelyn’s Character

Caelyn is an energetic, tenacious, involved student in our Path to Independence Adult Day Program. Her kind character and positive attitude is inspiring to all.  When asked what her favorite part of Mychal’s Learning Place is, she responded “my favorite part is definitely coming in and seeing everyone’s face. I love creative journaling and working out to Just Dance. I also love working in the bakery and cooking.” We are so happy that Caelyn is part of the Mychal’s family and grateful for all the talent she brings to our organization.

Cooking with Cae Cae

Prior to COVID-19 pandemic, Caelyn had a busy schedule that consisted of job training with the Mychal’s Bakery where she served as a baker and a barista as well as participating in onsite learning rotations. These learning rotations consist of living skills  such as cooking, cleaning, household maintenance, and personal hygiene sessions. She has a strong sense of perseverance and works hard to overcome challenges. When Caelyn once had difficulty with making recipes in the bakery, she continued  working hard at cooking  until she became fully comfortable and independent from start to finish! Now she is a talented chef that knows her way around the kitchen and even has her own segment on our Mychal’s Youtube channel. If you haven’t already, go check out her amazing videos! Caelyn also currently participates in our  virtual program where she helps lead learning rotations and navigates zoom like a rock star.
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Continuing to Grow

Outside of Mychal’s, Caelyn enjoys competing in Special Olympics, joining her weekly dance class, and watching Glee. She loves staying active and collaborating with peers. Caelyn’s future goals consist of being employed at the Mychal’s Bakery and improving her budgeting and internet safety skills. With our upcoming expansion project and students being back in person this summer, we are excited to see Caelyn work to achieve all of her dreams. We are grateful to have Caelyn as a part of the Mychal’s family and are thrilled to watch her continue to grow!

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