Meet Ezana!

September 1, 2022


All About Ezana

Ezana is a kind natured and energetic 15 year old that’s always smiling. He was named after “Ezana the Great” ruler and king of Axum, an ancient kingdom located in what is now modern day Ethiopia. He is definitely the “King” in our home.

Ezana loves spending his time taking pictures and videos with his smartphone and he enjoys editing and uploading his finished work on his computer. Ezana also loves to draw and is quite good at copying illustrations from children’s books. Ezana is also a whiz at “Wordsearch”- and has the patience of a saint to sit and work on it no matter how long it takes until it’s finished! Ezana also loves playing soccer and basketball and participates regularly in the Primetime club events at school.

Life at Mychal’s

Ezana joined Mychal’s Culver City After School Program in the summer of 2018, and his parents say, “it was the best decision we ever made for him!” Since joining the program Ezana has thrived and went from a shy and reclusive child to being more sociable and assertive both at home and school. He was once labeled as “Non-Verbal”, but is now able to communicate his needs and even make “small talk.” The program has given him amazing socialization opportunities and we are so proud of all the growth we have seen in Ezana!

The Future

Ezana dreams of finding  a way to use his current talents and continue to develop new ones so that he can be productive and included in his community .He continue to work towards this goal every day. He also looks forward to continuing programming at Mychals and growing into a vocational or other skill opportunity to challenge himself for the next few years in high school.

Ezana’s  family says, “they love the program because we know Ezana enjoys going to ‘Mychal’s House’, which is what he always calls it.”