Meet Sophie!

January 3, 2023

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All About Sophie

Sophie is a kind, creative student who loves getting to know new people. One of her school teachers described her well when she said she was a “sweet girl who gives the best hugs.”  Sophie’s father, Jeff, agrees and says “hugs are her superpower.” In Sophie’s free time, she also enjoys feeding her neighbors chickens and visiting their dog. Sophie loves getting together with friends to go to the pool, movies, or bowling. Her favorite time of the year is when Fiesta la Ballona occurs in Culver City, she has tons of fun on the rides. Sophie’s teacher once also said “Sophie’s jokes make people laugh and her kindness is unmatched” which sums her up well.
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Growing at Mychal’s

As one of our youngest students, Sophie started at Mychal’s Culver City After School Program in 2017 when she was only 9 years old and now she is 14. Over the years, Sophie has improved her social skills and is more eager to go out and do activities in the community. She attends program once a week, but when she arrives she always comes in with a smile on her face, lets the program know how much she missed them, and then shares with the group about her week.

Sophie is extremely helpful and likes to volunteer with watering the garden, making lists, and taking charge especially for karaoke sign ups. She has a passion for arts & crafts including anything with clay, paper chains, or beads. She loves to tell us jokes and sometimes struggles to get to the punch line because she immediately starts giggling.
Over the summer, when the program did some travel training that required getting on the bus, the staff had kept her tap card/money and she asked why they were holding on to it. Anais, the Culver City After School Program Supervisor, explained to her that they wanted to keep it safe so that it wouldn’t get lost. To which Sophie replied, but “I’m a teenager now, I can be responsible for my stuff.” Anais realized she was completely right, in her head she was still the sweet little nine year old girl, but in reality she is now a young adult. They went over safety rules and reminded her, along with the rest of the group, to be careful with their belongings  –  her TAP card and leftover money made it back in one piece!
Anais shares “I would describe Sophie as an overall joy to have around, she is very sweet and caring!”

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Future Goal

Sophie has talked about wanting to be a nurse or a camp counselor. She enjoys being around people and helping others when possible. We know Sophie’s creativity, generosity, and positivity will shine in whatever she sets out to do, we are very proud of her growth and look forward to seeing her accomplish amazing things!